Good Friday – It certainly doesn’t feel like it

It seems such a long time since Alex Lacazette scored the important winner against West Ham.  Tomorrow marks five weeks of no football being played involving Arsenal with the suspension of football across all the leagues into its third week.

We realise with this global pandemic that we all need to concentrate on those that are important to us both near and far.  The need for hatred no longer seems fitting in the current situation.  Everyone has been affected by this in various ways through losing loved ones, friends, their jobs and so the list continues.

When football recommences I feel we should appreciate things more as a society.  Take nothing for granted.  Show respect to fellow fans, players and managers.  Everyone has been through this same situation, one that hasn’t been felt before in our lifetime.

Life is short as it is so make it count in the right way.  Stay positive, Stay inside and Stay Safe.

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