Welcome Back Mikel Arteta – A breath of fresh air

The successor to the throne was decided on 20th December.  Hopefully a new king will be born again.  I feel a real breath of fresh air in that a young ex player is getting a chance to manage the team.  He has spent a decent amount of time at Manchester City working under Pep so has had some good grounding.

I like the fact that he wants to challenge himself, improve himself and just like as he was a player an honest character.  I feel fine that he has taken some control back from the player in the sense of telling them what is expected of them daily and any diversion away from what is expected of them will be noticed.

This gives every player another chance to get in shape and start afresh with Mikel, and forgetting past issues prove themselves, otherwise they will find themselves on the unwanted list.

Good luck Mikel, You need time and patience to be able to work and push your philosophy.  100% behind you.  Come on Arsenal

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