3 weeks on – No manager in place – Arteta arrival imminent

Oh North London is wonderful……  One side we have a club that makes a strong decision in the boardroom, but with a plan to continue and push on.  The other side dithers around the important decisions without really knowing what they are looking to achieve nor how to achieve it.

We have recently seen the emergence of the Spurs and not rubbing our noses in it, with not only their new stadium and the financial clout associated with it. Then the decision to out the manager but with a plan for continuity by hiring Mourinho as manager. We however seem to have reversed roles at the minute.  We used to laugh at them for decisions they made.  Now we seem to be making those same decisions.

We are in massive danger of going into free fall as we are going into the Christmas period way off the pace with some tough fixtures coming up.  By New Years Day we could be down to 14th if things do not improve quickly.

This is a hard time for all at the club as we have games against Everton (A), Bournemouth (A), Chelsea (H) and Man Utd (H).  With our current form I cannot see past a return better then 4-6 points.  I hope I am wrong and I hope that the reports are true regarding Mikel Arteta agreeing to be our next manager, but can’t help feeling that whoever comes in is on a hiding to nothing.  You lose a couple of games and everyone is up in arms.

Everyone has to be solidly behind the Manager and the players to get the confidence they need to rediscover.  Mikel was a model pro player who focused on the things that matter as a player.  That showed through his career.

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