Jingle Bells, Arsenal Hell, Emery Blew Away – December is nearly here, not much to cheer.

So we go into December in very bad shape.  A period where we will be tested like all clubs with the amount of games being played thick and fast.  We have tough games against Chelsea, Manchester City and Manchester United within the festive period.  What a state we find our club in, already 9 points worse off after 13 games last season and 7 less then Arsene’s final season.  This year could get totally out of hand very soon unless the board make big decisions regarding the clubs future.

This appointment of Emery into the second year is proving laughable. This same man wowed the board with a massive dossier on the playing squad. Providing info that was unknown to them in the interview, If this was the case how is he getting so little out of the group he has including the players he has bought in.  I do not believe he was their first choice manager to replace Wenger.  We are currently playing with no style, nor with structure or seemingly a game plan.

Le Boss – In his darkest days, was he this bad?

I have heard a log of guff regarding fans bringing back Arsene and various other nonsense.  I have been over this many times.  Arsene proved that he did a fantastic job in keeping the club in the important Champions League spots (He was ridiculed for aiming for top 4) when we now are dreaming to hit the top four this yeah and threw away that last year.  Yet he was vilified massively, he papered over a lot of the cracks at the club and you can see this with the various statements coming out of the club .  He took the brunt of the abuse for the board who had got the easy life and still have.

Wenger was also tagged with was that he stayed too long in charge. We have seen numerous people join our club taking on responsibilities that Arsene had been responsible for. If he had left before the first contract extension what state would this club have been in at that time.  Yes we find a manager, but we then had to of found a DoF, Technical Director yada yada. So the blame for all of this is firmly on the board and the lackadaisical approach to move forward and get things in place.

The second extension summed up the issue as it was still not sorted. So rather then just going he felt the need to do one last extension and with the pressure from fans forced the board to start the recruitment drive early to get the people in before the new manager was decided.  On this appointment it shows that it was the wrong appointment.

Game over was April/May last season

We lost our chance to get back in the Champions League with very little effort, usually Arsenal are primed to get the results in the bag going into the latter stages of the season.

2015/16 Last 10 games  5 Wins 5 Draws
2016/17 Last 10 games  8 Wins 2 Losses
2017/18 Last 10 games  6 Wins 4 Losses
2018/19 Last 10 games  4 Wins 2 Draws 4 Losses

We also have the depressing sight of the below graph showing how much of a decline we seem to be on under Emery.  No plan, No Identity, No Style.  We have the attacking players to be once again feared but instead we any going to lose these players with a whimper at the end of the season and in the recent Arsenal style probably no fee.  Now try and rebuild our attacking with no generated fees.

I really do hate being negative but unfortunately something has to give.  Wenger’s gone, (Problem) solved, Emery Nearly Gone (Problem) in progress,  Arsenal Board (Problem) Virus infected System, Needs Shutting Down.


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