The night after yet another disappointing Arsenal game

We entered the weekend knowing that we had a good chance to try and get a solid win.  Good performances have been very few and far between this season.  A long time ago, we played our best game of the season at Newcastle and that wasn’t exactly controlled.

We have failed to be convincing in any of our home games this season scraping past Burnley, Aston Villa, and Bournemouth, and drawing with Spurs and now Palace.  Factor that we have smashed inferior opposition in Forest and Liege and fortuitously Vitoria, I feel we have not done well at all this season.

Add in some even more disappointing results away from home dropping points at Liverpool (a given at the moment), Watford, Man Utd and Sheff Utd.  All this happening into the next season which too be fair is not an improvement.  We should be seeing improvements but we are not.  There is no unbeaten run to hide behind this time.  So if we finish this season like we ended up doing last season, we will be struggling to even get into Europe for next season.

The club, if true regarding the Ozil situation have let the fans down and are happy to flaunt the fact that they are happy for throw money down the drain.  Presumably they are happy as his wages are being paid for by us, the fans.  We are starved of creativity in the middle and it is disappointing to see any player being frozen out.

The manager…sorry coach and the board are handling this very badly.  I am not surprised as even though the structure has changed the stupid crazy decisions still happen.

Next is the Xhaka situation, everyone has an opinion.  He has been given a huge amount of abuse over the last couple of seasons,  I think sometimes a little too much and he is used as a scapegoat, just like Ozil.  We seem to just hound certain players as it feels right, its the flavour of the month,  speak out to sensationalize things on social media.  It isn’t right.   But it isn’t right with how Xhaka handled the heat of the moment yesterday, but you back anyone into a corner and keep nibbling and bashing someone, he is going to react or break.

That will happen to anyone man or woman, but it is acceptable for a footballer to just take it and take it.  where does it end.  Death Threats, Abuse on the street…..  He shouldn’t of reacted as he did but how far can you push someone.

As I am writing this I noticed Hectors tweet.  “It is time to lift each other up, not to push each other away”  That is great as we need to be as one.  These are Arsenal players and we should stand by all of them until that day they are no longer players of our great club.

We now have a massive two months now where we have to start to get some traction in the league as we could find ourselves massively adrift coming into the Christmas period, let alone on the other side of it.

Be Positive, Remember the players play with the energy with provide.  We are the Arsenal.

Victoria Concordia Crescit – Victory Through Harmony

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